Vanlife Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about vanlife and what's included with FlipsVanz.

Can I do laundry?

For weekend trips this service will not be available. Should you create a unique package for longer periods of time a laundromat can be arranged.

Is there wifi on board?

Yes, depending on the signal. The van is equipped with a Vodacom and MTN mobile router for basic communication. Certain packages may have poor connection or no connection.

Where do we sleep?

You will sleep in the Van in secure campsites. I will be close by in a tent or chalet.

Is there a toilet and shower on board?

There is a porta loo on board for number 1 and an outdoor shower. In certain areas you may need to prepare to dig a hole should nature call.

Do you cater for special dietary requirements?

Yes, all dietary requirements can be catered to. Most of our meals are plant based.

Can I charge my phone and camera?

Yes the van is equipped with solar power for all your electrical needs. Unfortunately no hairdryers are permitted due to load consumption.

Is there drinking water on board?

Yes, the van is equipped with a 60L water tank and a water filtered jug.

Can I bring my dog ?

There are packages which are friendly and I encourage you to bring your pets should those packages appeal to you.

What should I pack?

Costume, swim towel, warm jacket, toiletries and alcohol.

Will I see animals?

Should you request a unique package this can be arranged. Weekend packages will not include the big five.

How long is each stop-off activity?

Please see packages for a detailed description of travel and stop off plans.

Are there additional tours and activities available while on route?

Weekend packages will have activities on offer at an additional cost. Unique packages can accommodate any thrill seeking adventure you wish to experience.

What if don’t enjoy the experience or start to get ill?

I will happy to take you back home but no refunds will be given.

What will we do in the event of bad weather?

We will try to gauge the weather a week before and decide on the way forward. The van is equipped with an awning and side panels for wind and rain protection. We have games on board, I would suggest bringing your favorite book and downloading your favorite Netflix shows beforehand.

Will we be safe?

We do our best to ensure safety at all times however with staying outdoors please know that there is always risks!
The van is equipped with a tracker, pepper spray and pepper spray and rubber bullet gun.

Where will I be during your stay?

I will generally be around the van seeing to your needs and preparing meals.

Where will I sit when travelling?

You will sit upfront with me. Only two people at one time. Should you bring your pet, they will also need to sit upfront.